Sunday, August 10, 2003

Six Degrees of Speed

My girlfriend was delighted today when, within three hours of sending an email (or courriel in this case) to a long-lost friend (whose email she discovered via a google search) she had a response from said-friend who was having drinks in 10 minutes with a girl whose wedding they are both about to go to in a few weeks. It might easily be put down to networks and the small world theory, but all the same, it's always surprising when it happens so swiftly.

My colleague, Jeremy, also had a dose of the same medicine when sending around a fun email getting people to compose film, book and song titles which might use the comedy haircut term, Mullet, in them. Jeremy was stunned that within two hours of pinging this message to no more than a half-dozen people, he was getting responses from across the UK, Switzerland and the Middle East.

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