Thursday, September 30, 2004

Collaborative / Social software strategy - help?

I have been taxed with putting together a "taster" document for my company to put out the feelers within the business for online collaborative working and communication tools - the document is supposed to cover Blogs, wikis (blikis), online project management, bulletin boards, RDF (including RSS) etc. What I want to hear are successful stories of the implementation of such tools on an intranet to support specific business aims - I'm not looking at outward facing blogs etc., purely inter-staff communications very much from a Personal Information space / Communities of Practice / Formal company groups perspective if that makes sense. I know that there have been a few comments on this sort of stuff, for instance on Lou Rosenfeld's bloug and Michael's urlgreyhot in the past few months, but I'm keen to hear specific stories that may help me in initiating such practices.

The sort of stuff I've been looking at is Basecamp (which I really like) and Web Collaborator (which is useful in a stripped-down-to-basics way), Ikonboard, and general wiki and blog bits and pieces...

UPDATE - 02/10/2004

Many thanks to Lee Bryant of Headshift who pointed me to his presentation on informal, joined-up knowledge sharing [...] - which at first glance looks a) useful, and b) very much in line with my thinking.

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