Thursday, December 08, 2005

No time to blog...

I don't seem to have had very much time to blog recently, which is a shame, as there has been much that I have wanted to blog about concerning planning, requirements elicitation, devising KPIs and metrics for non-financial benefits, as well as thoughts on how not to launch a knowledge management initiative.

Today, however, I was (among many other things) setting up Macromedia FLEX 1.5 on my laptop in anticipation of a training session with aquent next week. To quote another Macromedia Product name, it was generally a "breeze" to install, and I'm looking forward to some declarative user interface work - if data binding is as easy as it appears, I reckon that early stage prototyping could be done within FLEX, allowing for some relatively agile techniques in development and user acceptance. If I get anywhere with it fast, I'll post some progress reports.

In the meantime, I'd best get on with other more pressing things!

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