Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Blog is still alive...!


Having just logged into Blogger, I now realise that it is only a week shy of a year since I last posted to my blog.

In case anyone is still out there occasionally reading the blog (it's been a while since I checked out the analytics also), the main reason behind this has been moving countries, and then trying to move house.

While this isn't inline with previous post content, I suppose it does count as "information" to be shared: if you are moving to Geneva, make sure you give yourself at least 6 months to find accommodation (unless you are so wealthy, you can gazump the market!). It actually took my family 8 months to be able to move from temporary accommodation into a permanent home - and this was with sizeable local knowledge, friend networks and work & family support...phew!

If anyone is interested in knowing more, leave a comment, and I'll add some detail, otherwise, my next post will be back to normal themes of IA, KM, usability and needs analysis.

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