Tuesday, May 06, 2003

I've been reading about social software and social network analysis recently. My main aim is to try and find quick and dirty ways to leverage a knowledge base in a company using the company intranet. I am sure that wikis, blogs and bulletin boards may have a role to play. Interesting background information on the subject is available at the Social Software Alliance Wiki. I've found Valdis Krebs' details on social network analysis an interesting approach to defining the networks that exist in a company beyond business-defined roles and relations. I came to Krebs and the subject of SNA via Peter Morville's incredibly useful introduction to the subject. I've also come across an interesting social software blog. I'll put my thoughts together in a post when I've had a chance to digest the various ideas, but headshift's great essay Smarter, Simpler, Social is a great overview of everything "social".

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