Thursday, March 25, 2004

Two interesting bits & pieces - email social networking/trust and online rss newsreader

Via Clay on Many-to-Many, the introduction of LOAF, which uses a bloom filter (some whizzy algorithm) to essentially give you an overview of your email social network. It compares the details of contacts that you have sent one or more emails to against your incoming mail and against the contacts of your contacts - (sort of a -1, 0, +1 scale) - the result: contacts you don't know even via others, contacts you only know via others and contacts you know yourself (and via others). I can see this being useful - although the level of detail that you get through probably isn't anywhere near enough to base any major decision upon.

The most excellent bloglines, I have just discovered - an online rss newsreader. hotmail for rss.

I'm not feeling too hot, so apologies for the Yoda-like grammar

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