Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Vade Mecum: FOAF/trust/reputation

Just using my blog as an aide-memoire, here's a bunch of FOAF stuff to look at in the light of my More Trust Links posting on 09/02/2004.

As well: a weighty academic piece that I've scanned very quickly: Rational Decision Making Using Social Information (Google HTML of a Word Doc). Noted the use of the term "Polyanna Effect" in this document, which is something that strikes me with early adopters of these kinds of models: ask users to "rate" someone and they usually will rate them highly (even, perhaps if they don't think that much of them!). I get the feeling that this might be exacerbated on the Web by the lack of "identity" of users within a defined social context.

Also came across Paolo Massa's Blog, which has some very interesting related stuff on it.

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