Monday, May 30, 2005

Switzerland, Shame on you!!!

My wife was just on the phone to one of her best friends, she recently married a Swiss guy (also a very good friend) after having been a couple for very many years, and moved to Geneva. Despite several years experience as a Product Manager for an international pharmaceutical company in France, she has had no success in finding a new job. One factor in this is certainly the fact that she doesn't speak German, however, she was recently discussing her situation with a neighbour (also working in Pharmaceuticals) who told her the following: you are 30, you are recently married, no company will take you on as they expect you to get pregnant within the next couple of years. You should have a baby now and then look for a job in a couple of years, where having a family will reflect will (stability etc.).
I am stunned that in this day and age this can still remain as a tacit "understanding". For someone to express this opinion as fact, it must be an opinion that is widespread, and - in my opinion - reflects a general lack of respect for women at work. Tut-tut!

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